Personal Heroes: Dawn French

I can’t look at Dawn French without a huge smile breaking out on my face. She is one of the most hilarious people on earth, and I truly admire her attitude towards life’s ups and downs.

Dawn French has certainly had her share of ups and downs. She was the daughter of an RAF officer, and spent the better part of her childhood moving from place to place. She found it easy to make friends, with her relaxed nature and tendency to play the fool, but it was difficult to keep in touch with people once her family had moved on. Her father committed suicide when she was 19, and she split from her fiancée after he cheated on her. She has experienced a great number of difficulties in later life, including an infidelity scandal with her husband, Lenny Henry, infertility woes and problems with the press and paparazzi.



However, French’s life hasn’t been all doom and gloom. She has had a brilliant career in television and stand-up comedy. She has pioneered her own fashion label. She has a lovely family, comprised of her comic husband Lenny Henry and their adopted daughter Billie. French is considered to be one of the most popular comics in Britain, and I certainly rate her very highly among my favorite funny people.



Last year, for Christmas, I received French’s book “Dear Fatty”, and once I started reading it I could barely put it down. I love to read biographies, but I tend to steer clear of autobiographies, as they are often clumsily written. Dear Fatty was a wonderful celebration of the life of a brilliant woman. In her own words, she manages to express the joys and sadnesses that have made up her life, while injecting a good dose of personality and humor into the mix. Reading her book only made me love and respect Ms French all the more. Her philosophy on life seems to be “recognize the bad times, but don’t let them get you down, and always leave ‘em laughing”. It’s a great motto to live by. I believe that it’s important not to try and diminish the significance of sad or difficult times by sweeping over them, but at the same time, you can’t afford to dwell on sadness. Laughter and humor are essential ingredients for getting through life in one piece, and this message shines pretty clearly in French’s book.



Another thing I love about Dawn French is how sexy she is. She is a woman of a certain size, and isn’t ashamed of it. She manages to come across as gorgeous, lusty and full of life in all that she does. She carries herself beautifully and is rarely seen without a massive smile on her face. I have always envied two of her most prominent physical attributes: her hair and her boobs. When I was little I longed for a glossy, shiny bob like hers, and, well, her magnificent baps speak for themselves.



Dawn French is a personification of many of the things I hold dear: love, forgiveness, laughter, creativity and sexiness. If you have a chance, I highly recommend picking up a copy of her book “Dear Fatty”, or checking out some of her comic achievements, such as The Vicar of Dibley, Murder Most Horrid, French and Saunders at the Movies or any of the French and Saunders live performances. You will be rolling around with laughter, I promise

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