How to shake up your wardrobe


Every now and then, all of us fall into a wardrobe rut. You might find that you wear a variation on the exact same outfit for weeks on end. Perhaps you have been using the same four makeup products all year. Maybe you are just tired of everything that you own and you feel totally uninspired to try anything new. Whatever the reason, be it mood, lifestyle, budget or something else, everyone hits a point every now and then when they are bored with their look. Here are a few things that I like to do to shake up my wardrobe, evolve my style and keep myself inspired.


– Clean out your wardrobe regularly. You might want to refer back to my earlier article on this topic. Chuck out all the clutter that is weighing you down and organize the clothes you want to keep, so that it is easier to see what you have at your disposal.


– Go through your clothes and pull out 10 items that you haven’t worn in ages. Over the next 10 days, make a pact to wear one a day.


– Take an item from your wardrobe that you think is looking a little tired, and brainstorm some ways to cheer it up. You could try dyeing it a new colour, adding some lace or beads or cutting it up to give your old item a new lease on life.


– Have somebody close to you, a friend, your boyfriend, a family member, go through your wardrobe and put together an outfit for you to wear. You might be surprised at what they pick out, and it may give you a great new idea for combining items that you already have.


– Constantly be on the look out for fashion that inspires you. Ideas are everywhere, from magazines, people on the street, films and works of art. Jot them down and blend them into your own personal style. You might like to check out my article “How to emulate your style heroes”



– Rather than going out and buying a pile of new clothes, why not try out some fresh accessories? A new hat, belt or scarf can really brighten up your existing wardrobe, and can really get the creative juices flowing. Stores like Diva and Equip have tons of awesome accessories for a pittance. Market stalls and op-shops are also a great place to look for tidbits to dress up your clothes.


– Try a wig. It’s a really fun way to change your look without actually making any dramatic alterations. Many hairdressing supply shops have cheap, synthetic wigs for around the $20 mark, or you can go for something a little more heavy-duty if you have the cash to spend.


– Have a dress-up afternoon. Put on your favorite CD, pour yourself a cocktail and go through your clothes, trying things on and piecing together outfits. Be as crazy and creative as possible, take pictures, and make notes of what items work well together. This will allow you to break out of the box and try combinations that you had never thought of before.


– Change your makeup. Makeup is a cheap way to alter your look. Try a bold red lip, neon nail polish, some coloured eye shadow, a smoky eye or glittery eyeliner.


– Vow to wear only three colours for a whole week. It will really force you to be creative with how you pair up your outfits.


– Swap five items with a friend. If you aren’t the same size, try each other’s jewellery and accessories. Just remember to take good care of items that aren’t yours.


– Buy an amazing pair of shoes. People always notice what shoes you are wearing, and just one new pair can really open up your wardrobe to a world of new combinations.


– Go shopping without your wallet. Don’t buy anything, but spend an afternoon trying on everything that takes your fancy. Be brave and go for items that you wouldn’t normally wear. If you are still thinking about it a week later, take your purse back to the store and buy it. If you don’t have any money on your initial trip, it takes the pressure out of the experience, and you can be free just to browse and try on.


Most importantly, just enjoy yourself and try to view getting dressed in the morning as something fun, rather than as just a necessity. Have fun putting together outfits and take pride in your appearance, and you will find some inspiration in no time.

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