Daily outfit backlog.

Sorry!  I have been away staying with my parents for the last week, so I have been unable to post any daily outfit photos.  However, I did remember to take a few photos to post for you now that I am back.

I wore this to go out for morning tea with my mum and nana.

I am wearing:

– black camisole from Target

– Black harem pants from Remember Me.

– Black gladiator sandals from Rubi Shoes.

– Mona lisa Pendant

– various silver rings.

This outfit is my personal homage to Frida Kahlo.

I am wearing:

-Green beaded camisole from Temt

– Red floral gypsey skirt from Valley Girl

– Brown studded platform heels

– Tigers’ eye necklace

-Jade bracelet

– Amethyst ring.


This was my favorite outfit for the whole week.  I wore this to visit my mum in hospital and eat pizza with my dad.  I love my hair here.  Big hair makes me feel so tall!

I am wearing:

– Morticia Addams tee from Pulp Kitchen

– butterfly jeans from Target

– Chuck Taylor All Stars sneakers

– Baby Doll earrings

– ROCK knuckleduster ring

– Studded arm cuff

I spent this day rushing around, cooking and cleaning and reading an awesome book.

I am wearing:

-Kaftan from Target

– black leggings from Target

-black karma beads

– amethyst ring

– Gypsey earrings (thrifted)

-black gladiator sandals from Rubi Shoes.

And today I am wearing:

-green t-shirt dress from Today

– pink leopard print leggings from equip

– green platform heels from Sexyland

– Flower bubble ring from Surfers’ Paradise

– Geisha hair ornament from Steph

– Amethyst ring

– Pink Tank top from target

– gold butterfly ring

We are heading into the city today for some Valentines day shopping!

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