Daily outfit 29/1/2010

It’s been a quiet day for me today.  I’ve been banging out all of next week’s blog posts because I am heading home for a week or so, and I want to be prepared.  I needed something casual and comfy today.


Today I am wearing:

– purple and green tie-dyed singlet (thrifted)

– Purple sarong (thrifted)

– Indian leather sandals from Tree of Life

– leather chignon pin

– amethyst earrings (from my Aunt Jenny)

– Black Karma beads

– silver Indian bangles

– Water bracelet

– jade bracelet ( that used to belong to my Mum)

– silver snake ring

– Russian puzzle ring

– turquise ring

– amethyst ring

– silver squiggle ring

– silver belly ring

Have a relaxing Friday everyone!

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