Daily outfit 28/1/2010

Today’s outfit was prompted by Jane Seymour’s clothes in the third series of The Tudors, which I have been watching a bit of lately.  Also, I read an excellent article by Super Kawaii Mama that made me want to get in touch with my inner princess.




Today I am wearing:

– pink and black corset from Target

– black velvet maxi skirt (thrifted)

– blue sequinned flat shoes from Target

– pearl necklace (worn as circlet)

– amethyst ring

– silver rope bracelet

– sapphire ring

– silver square ring

This afternoon I went out for milkshakes and girly gossip with my lovely friend Sam and then made a huge pot of spaghetti and called my cousin to talk about her upcoming wedding.  Then I spoke to my guy for about an hour (can’t wait to see him tomorrow night) and now I am off to watch some more Tudors.

Good morrow


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