Daily outfit: Happy Australia Day!

Happy Australia Day everyone!  I hope that you marked today by doing something Aussie.  If you haven’t it’s not too late! You could…

– Watch Priscilla, Queen of the Desert and sing along.

– Make a sausage sandwich and eat it on the verandah while watching the sun go down.

– Listen to Men At Work’s “Land Down Under” and scream out the “Vegemite Sandwich” line.

– Drink a beer and then blow on the neck of the bottle to make a tune.

– Do your best Crocodile Dundee impersonation.

– Use a phrase like “Ya flamin’ Galah”  or “Strewth!” (y’know, those things that are supposedly Aussie, but that no actual person really says).

I went to a BBQ today and had a great time.  I ate some delicious food (lamb kebabs= awesome), met some new people and had a long conversation about the finer points of American confectionary.

(For some reason, this skirt makes me do my “girl on top of a cake” pose)

Today I am wearing:

– pink butterfly applique singlet from Target

– Beaded pleated skirt (thrifted)

-Pink bow kitten heels from Williams

– Pink silk flower hair clip

– Amethyst ring

– Silver square ring

– Diamente earrings.

I hope that this has been a great Australia day for everyone.  I feel so proud and so lucky to be an Australian.

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