Daily outfit: Double dose!

It’s been a huge day today.  I spent the mornign at uni running some errands and sending off a bunch of frantic emails.

Today I am wearing:

– black lace corset dress from 7 Angels

– Denim waistcoat from cotton on

– black gladiator sandals from Rubi shoes

– blue silk scarf (thrifted)

– Gold feather earrings (gift from Ross’s parents)

– Onyx ring (thrifted)

– amethest ring

– silver squiggle ring (Kliens)

– red leopard print ring (Diva)

– tigers- eye pendant (thrifted)

– Suzi Quatro badge (Dangerfield)

– wooden bird brooch (gift from Kath).

And now, a gorgeous picture to make you all swoon.


This is Ringo, the gorgeous stray kitten that lives under my house.  His Mum, Jellylorum, is my sweet little friend, but Ringo remains terrified of people.

This evening I went out to dinner with a great group of friends.  We had great fun winning a stuffed Theodore the Chipmunk from a claw machine and then went on to Savers.

Here is what I wore tonight.

I am wearing:

-red shirt-waist dress from Free Fusion

– red and white gingham heels from Scooter

– Tan fishnet tights

– gold charm bracelet.

– amethest ring

– green feather from Spotlight

– London bus bag from Harrods.

I had a mighty haul at Savers.  I bought a pair of black boots, a pair of brown suede heels, a navy blue tote bag, a board game and…. a genuine Chanel purse!  Mandie spotted it for me and we are 98% sure that it’s genuine.  And that little treasure cost me $4.  Brilliant!  I’m sure that each of these items will be featured in an outfit post very soon!

Best wishes and I hope you all had as great a day as I did.


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