How to emulate your style heroes

Most people have at least one style icon. A person who we look at and go “Wow, I wish I could dress like that”. The people whose style we admire can have a profound influence on our own wardrobe.

The good news is, it is entirely possible to take another person’s style and make it your own. The bad news is that often these looks don’t translate well into everyday life. Also, if you try to channel another person’s style you run the risk of looking like a copycat.


So, how do you pull it off?

Firstly, what you are aiming to do is draw some inspiration from the style of a person that you admire. If you try to replicate an icon’s outfit from top to toe, you will look as though you are wearing a costume. This is fine if you are on your way to a fancy dress party, but not so great if you are just trying to adapt a look for your everyday life.

It’s important to scrutinize the key elements of this person’s look and try to work out which ones appeal to you. Do they have an amazing signature hairdo? Do you long to copy their ruby red pout? Are their shoes complete works of art? What do you like about their style? Once you have figured out what has drawn you to admire this person, you can choose a couple of elements and blend them into an outfit of your own. For example, you might not think you have the curves to pull of Marilyn Monroe’s bombshell outfits, but you could team red lips and a subtle beauty spot with a smart suit for work.  It’s not about copying, it’s about adapting key elements to your own life, personality and budget.

Here are a few examples of how to emulate a few very stylish ladies.

     Marilyn Monroe


 Marilyn’s look is all about open, raunchy sex appeal. Add curls, red lips, beauty spots, diamante jewellery and heels to pencil skirts, corsets and halter-neck dresses and prepare for some serious male attention.

Audrey Hepburn.


Audrey is the personification of “less is more”. She was rarely seen in flashy makeup or jewellery, but kept her outfits to a minimum. It is a look that oozes class and simplicity. Team cropped black pants with simple shirts or sweaters, wear a little black dress with few adornments, don a pair of ballet flats, add the slightest touch of blusher and liptint and finish off with a beehive or bun. Any and all of these ingredients will make for a pretty, sophisticated impression.

Lady Gaga

Here’s a lady whose style is near impossible to translate into everyday life. If you dare, try bold eyeliner, volumous skirts, sharp shoulder pads and geometric hairstyles to add a space-age look to your everyday attire.

Gwen Stefani


Gwen never fails to amaze me with her quirky combinations and gravity-defying hairdos. The thing with Gwen isn’t necessarily the specific items that she wears, but the way she puts them all together. She has an extraordinarily eclectic way of dressing that I really admire. To channel Gwen, throw on “Bubble Pop Electric” on her “L.A.M.B” album and make it your mission to be dressed by the time the song is over. Start with one amazing piece from your wardrobe and build from there. Mix and don’t match. Take inspiration from bygone eras and foreign countries Wear red lipstick. Use your hair to create a work of art. Dare to be different.


The most important thing of all is to have fun. Play with different elements and blend your favourite outfits and combinations into a style that is completely your own.


Who are your style icons?  How has their style inspired your look?


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