My style icons

Arg!  Exams have made a very bad blogger out of me.  But never mind.  I have finished two exams and have just one more to go, which means that I have had enough time to throw together a list of my top 10 style icons.


1. Gwen Stefani

I have been a fan of Gwen’s since I was in primary school, and I have loved every outfit she has ever worn.  She is the queen of eclectic dressing, and is able to pull off quirky street wear and indian saris and bindis, and then about-face and show up in a Harlowesque gown and coiffure the following day.  Her style is unpredictable, rich and unique and awesome. Plus, the vast range of styles she wears makes it nearly impossible to copy her.  It’s a mix of rock royalty, tank girl, fairy tales, ethnic touches and red lipstick.  I love her.


2. Marilyn Monroe

Marilyn is arguably one of the most gorgeous women ever born.  Her style is unabashedly sexy, with figure-hugging dresses and pants, silky fabrics and sky-high heels.  She is the ultimate blonde bombshell, who always looked stunning, whether she was wiggling up the red carpet covered in red silk and diamonds, or in pedal pushers and no makeup riding a bicycle around her property.  I often copy Marilyn’s polished makeup in my everyday look.


3. Janis Joplin

Janis was the queen of the counter-culture in the 1960’s and wore some of the most spectacular outfits.  Most of her stage clothes were designed by her close friend, Linda Gravenites, who envisaged Janis as a kind of pirate chick.  She wore heavy velvet suits, sequinned capes and feather boas pinned into her hair.  She supplemented her outfits with piles of hippy bling, with rings on every finger and bangles clanking up each arm.  She often went barefoot and rarely wore skirts or dresses.  Janis never wore makeup because she suffered from terrible acne which she claimed was aggrivated by makeup, and her bare face often made a stark contrast to her rich and elaborate costumes.


4. Twiggy

I remember the first time I ever saw a picture of Twiggy, it totally took my breath away.  I was about thirteen, and I was mesmerized by her cropped pixie hair and volumous lashes.  Twiggy embodied the mod look of the 60’s and there are so many elements of her style that I interweave into my own outfits, especially the 60’s eye makeup, baker-boy hats and mini skirts.


5. Edie Sedgewick

Another 60’s muse, Edie had a look that was copied by hundreds of girls.  Ironically, Edie put very little thought into her personal style, and her outfits were often the product of her busy lifestyle and crazy spending habits.  She wore black tights and leotards with everything, mainly because she practiced ballet for hours and was too lazy to get changed, so she would just throw her clothes over the top.  Her eye makeup was legendary, and she would allegedly spend hours painting on her coal-black eyeshadow and false lashes.  When her fortune ran dry, she would use watercolour paints as eye makeup.  Edie rarely wore any jewelery, save for gigantic jewelled or beaded earrings that she dubbed “shoulder-dusters”.


6. Vince Noir.

O.K, so he’s a man, and he’s not real, but i can’t help but envy Vinces’ impressive wardrobe, creative use of colour and accessories and perfect hair.  Vince’s hair is a feathered masterpiece and he never has less than fifteen people working on it at any one time.  He’s the only man who could make a Jacobean ruff look cool, and manages to look awesome even when decked out as a glamour nan.  Plus, I want a mirror-ball suit.


7. Isabella Blow

Isabella was a quiet, shy woman who was not traditionally pretty, but she always looked amazing.  Her outfits tended to be quite plain with one exception.  She was never without an incredible hat perched on her head.  Her hats weren’t just hats, but feats of millenery.  Look her up on Wikipedia if you don’t believe me.  I lover her fearless attitude to fashion and eccentric outlook on life.


8. Audrey Hepburn

Nobody does understated sophistication quite like Audrey.  She always managed to look perfectly put-together, but her look was really quite simple and clean,  She never wore flashy prints or fussy garments, but preferred to outfit herself in good quality, beautifully made garments, with tasteful jewlery and perfectly applied makeup.  Audrey is a perfect example of how less can totally be more, and that you don’t have to swathe yourself in every fad item to look incredibly beautiful.


9.  Gala Darling

Gala’s joyful approach to getting dressed is infectious.  She’s a girl who combines tattoos, candy-coloured hair, floral prints and new-rock boots and the end result is something like being bombarded with cupcakes while riding a unicorn through a rainbow.  She’s a ray of sunshine, who isn’t afraid to experiment with extreme colour, micky-mouse ears and stilettos as high as a sky scraper.


10. Pheobe Buffay

Again, she’s a character, but Pheobe’s clothes are eclectic, comfortable and gorgeous.  I love her rings and adventurous hairstyles.  Her wedding dress took my breath away.

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