My favourite beauty products.

I noticed last week that Lady Smaggle posted a list of her favorite beauty products.  I thought it would be prudent for me to do the same.



– Lush Sweetie Pie shower jelly.

I usually use plain soap that I buy from markets and the like, but if I feel like something a little more decadent, this is what I use.  It’s a purple bar of jelly that you wobble all over yourself to get squeaky clean.  It leaves you smelling like black cherries and it almost good enough to eat.


– Lush Smitten Lotion

I understand that this lotion is supposed to be a hand cream, but I find it works like gangbusters to leave your body super soft and silky.  It’s made with almond butter and is super moisturizing.


– Nivea 30+ moisturizing sunscreen.

I slather this hydrating sunscreen over all exposed parts of my body every day, regardless of the weather.  You can still sustain sun damage on a cloudy day, and it is fantastic anti-aging insurance.  Not to mention it will protect you against skin cancer, which is always good.


– Clinique Happy Perfume

I don’t have a signature perfume but this is my favorite at the moment.  I got a bottle for my birthday and it is a lovely light, citrus-ey scent that is soft enough to wear every day.



-Lush Marilyn Hair treatment

I have natural blonde hair, which requires a lot of care.  I slap on a few handfuls of Marilyn and let it sit for about ten minutes before shampooing.  It leaves hair very soft and manageable, helps to strengthen and protect against split ends and contains marigold and chammomile to help brighten the colour.


– Pantene Shampoo for Normal hair

I find that my hair can be a bit of a terror, becuase it is oily at the roots and dry at the ends.  To combat this, I use a normal shampoo a couple of times a week, and rather than shampooing all of my hair, I just lather the shampoo about three quarters of the way down and just rinse my ends.  The ends stay clean without drying out.


V05 Absolute Blonde Conditioner

This conditioner works really well to keep my hair shiny and manageable, while brightening the blonde.


– Body Shop Coconut Oil Hair Shine

I apply a tiny dab of this to the ends of my hair each day to smooth them and keep them from drying out.  It also makes a great straightening balm to protect your hair from the heat, and it smells gorgeous.


-V05 Super Hold Hairspray

This is industrial-hold hairspray.  One spray of this and you can jump on a trampoline without your hair budging.



– Body Shop Vitamin E Cleanser

I have really sensitive skin, and this cleanser is tough enough to remove makeup and grime, without stripping all the oils out of your skin.


Lush Angels On Bare Skin face scrub

this is made from a medieval recipe and uses wheat germ, oats and lavender to scrub away all the dead skin cells.


Lush Catastrophe Cosmetic  face mask.

I slap a handful of this lavender and blueberry mask on before I jump in the bath.  It helps remove impurities and soothes dry red skin.


Lush Breath of Fresh Air toner

a swipe of this toner, made with rosewater rosemary and patchouli and your skin will feel fresh and clean without the tight feeling of alcohol based toners.


Lush Celestial Moisurizer

This is the blandest moisturizer I’ve found that doesn’t make me break out, but still provides plenty of moisture to dry skin.  It is made with vanilla, almond milk and dove orchid and it smells divine.


Kit 30+ facial sunscreen

I use a different sunscreen on my face to my body.  I have road tested quite a few and this is the best one out there.  It is not greasy and won’t leave you with a ghost face.  It blends right into the skin and won’t stuff around with your makeup.  Plus it’s nice and cheap.


Lipsmackers Fanta LIp Balm

Cheap, cute and brilliantly moisturizing.



I use an awful lot of different makeup products, so here are a few of my very favorites.


Revlon Colourstay Foundation in Porcelain

I prefer liquid foundation to mineral, becuase I find that it goes on smoother.  Revlon are one of the few brands that actually makes a foundation pale enough to cater for my white skin.  I’ve been using this since I was 15 and I have no intention to switch to anything else.


Estee Lauder concealer

This concealer is super light and covers everything from blemishes to redness to under-eye circles.


Lancome Translucent powder

perfect for touch-ups.


Maybelline Moisture Whip Lipstick in Red Raisin.

This is the best red lipstick ever.  It isn’t too bright, so you don’t look like a clown, but it’s not too dark and vampish either.  Plus it goes on smooth and leaves your lips moist for hours.


Bella Pierre Blush in Dune Rose

I like a blush that is a dusky rose colour.  It just seems to look more natural against my skin.


Benefit That Gal Primer

This stuff is brilliant.  You smooth it on before applying your makeup and it brightens your complexion and locks your makeup into place for hours.


Benefit Bad Gal Plum mascara

I like to use a slightly purple mascara, which makes blue eyes pop.


OPI nail polish in O’Hara and Nails Look Great!

The perfect red nail polish.


Caboodles strawberry lip gloss

The smoothest, shiniest, ligloss you are ever likely to smear on your gob. Plus it’s not sticky at all.


So there you have it.  A little peek inside my beauty cupboard.


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