Movie costumes I wish I owned.

A few years ago I went to a fantastic exhibition at ACMI in Melbourne called Hollywood Costume.  The exhibition featured some of the most iconic costumes in film history, including costumes from The Wizard of Oz, Harry Potter, Valley of the Dolls and The Seven Year Itch.  As I person who adores films and fashion, it was a very moving experience for me.  I actually teared up as I stood in front of the gingham dress worn by Judy Garland in The Wizard of Oz.

Last week, while cleaning out my desk I found the program that I’d saved from the exhibition.  While I was looking at it I started thinking about movie costumes and imagining what it would be like to own some of those gorgeous outfits to wear in real life.  I set myself a creative challenge, trying to imagine which costumes I would choose to stock my wardrobe with if I could…

Scarlett O’Hara’s scarlet dress from Gone With the Wind

This dress takes my breath away every time I see it.  It’s brazen, it’s sexy and it’s the most intense shade of crimson I’ve ever laid eyes on.  I adore the figure-hugging line and the fact that it has feathers AND sequins.  This is a dress to get you noticed.

Elle Driver’s trench coat from Kill Bill

The comic book fan in me adores this trench coat.  It’s so simple and yet so eye-catching.  The hand-drawn details give it a cartoonish look but it is such a classic line and style.

Penny Lane’s boots from Almost Famous

Those incredible lace-up boots are the stuff this hippy-chick’s dreams are made of.  I can just see myself gliding down the street with those boots peeking out from under a denim skirt topped off with a whisper-thin sheer blouse with my hair flowing free.

Elvira’s dagger brooch from Elvira, Mistress of the Dark

There is something delightfully tacky about wearing an enormous, bejewelled dagger pinned to your dress.  But I still desperately want to do it anyway.  I can imagine wearing that spectacular brooch on a luscious velvet blazer, or on the waist of a skin-tight dress to play homage to the Mistress of the dark.

Enid Coleslaw’s glasses from Ghost World

As a Gal with Glasses, I was super excited by Enid’s wardrobe of frames.  She wears a different pair in practically every scene, from Buddy Holly spectacles to sexy cat’s-eye frames.

Mrs Flax’s polka dot dress from Mermaids

I would have such fun shimmying into that hip-hugging wiggle dress and sashaying down the street in a pair of mules and thick-rimmed sunglasses.  Although this dress is very 1960’s, there is a timelessness to the cut that I adore. Also, note the fact that it has pockets.  POCKETS!  How fantastic.

I could go on and on, but those are my top picks.  If you could, which movie costumes would you fill your wardrobe with?

5 Fandom Friday: Fictional pets I’d love to adopt.

There can be no doubt that I’m an animal lover at heart.  I adore my pets and every animal under my roof is utterly spoiled with love and affection.  While I’m perfectly happy with Miss Jellylorum and Mr Ringo for the time being, there are several fictional pets that I’d be happy to add to my personal menagerie….

1. Binky from The Discworld series by Terry Pratchett.

Now, I’m not normally a horse person, but I’d make an exception for Binky.  Binky is a pure white horse owned by Death.  He has a sweet nature and loves galloping around the black fields surrounding Death’s castle.  Oh, and he can transport his rider to other dimensions and worlds, so he is basically a spaceship. I’d be happy to let this awesome horse take up residence in my backyard.

2. Salem from Sabrina the Teenage Witch.

I’ve often thought it would be awesome if my cats could talk, simple because I’d love to find out what’s going on inside their heads sometimes.  So a talking cat rates high on my list of imaginary dream pets.  And a wise-cracking sarcasm machine like Salem would be a great companion.


3. Thing from The Addams Family

There are a couple of reasons why I’d like to have Thing in my household.  Firstly, he’d be darn useful, helping with chores and bringing in the mail. Secondly, you could play some seriously awesome practical jokes with a living, disembodied hand.  Finally, I’d love a pet that can give me a lovely foot rub at the end of a long day at work.

4. Marcel from Friends

Ever since I was a little kid, I’ve wanted a pet monkey.  They are just so adorable and I imagine that we’d have loads of fun together.  Marcel was a bit of a handful, and wasn’t particularly well toilet trained, but he was super sweet and had awesome juggling skills.

5. Seymour from Futurama

Even though Seymour only appeared in one episode of Futurama, he made a deep impression on me.  Jurassic Bark is one of the saddest pieces of televisual entertainment I’ve ever seen and I cry every time I watch the final scene where Seymour waits endlessly for his master to return.  I would like to adopt Seymour so that he wouldn’t have to have such a sad ending to his life.  Although Fry didn’t intentionally abandon Seymour, my heart goes out to pets that have been left behind by their owners, and I like the idea of being able to give one a second chance at happiness.


If you could adopt a fictional pet, which one would you take home with you?

What I wore 29/7/2015

I had an epiphany when I was typing the title of today’s post.  Since the very beginning of my blog, I’ve called my outfit posts “Daily Outfit”.  And when I started blogging that was definitely true.  Once upon a time I used to post an outfit shot every day.  Now I’m lucky to do a couple of outfit posts in a month.  So I made the decision to rename this post series “What I wore”, because it feels more real than “Daily Outfit” now.

So anyway, this is the outfit I wore to celebrate my grandmother’s 80th birthday.  We went out for a lunch of seafood and soft drinks and it was fantastic.

I am wearing:

– Black and white floral dress from Target

– Leopard-trimmed cardigan (a gift from my parents)

– Seamed stockings from Dangerfield.

– Black patent leather heels from Nine West

– Black cat earrings from Sisunyak on Etsy.

It felt quite right to wear an outfit that was a mixture of ladylike sweetness and rebellious detailing to celebrate my grandmother’s birthday.  My grandma is an amazing and surprising person.  She’s has a pretty rough year, as my grandfather passed away last year and she’s been on her own for the first time since she got married. And she is absolutely thriving.  Grandma spent most of her life being a wife and mother and putting her husband’s needs first. And now she has jumped at the chance to embrace her independence and explore the things that she’s always wanted to try.  She has thrown herself into loads of new hobbies and has made plenty of friends.  She got a job at an op-shop.  And for her birthday she bought herself a house as a gift.  In the last year she’s really embraced the desire to live a life that makes her happy and has pooh-poohed anyone who doesn’t like her choices.  I really look up to her because she is one tough cookie who still manages to be sweet and kind to those who mean the most to her.

I’ve been having such fun styling my hair since i got it cut.  One of my favourite ways to wear it is to braid along the border of my shaved side.  It shows off my short hair to perfection but has a hint of feminine loveliness to it. On this day I swept the rest of my hair into a fancy backroll.

I finished my outfit with a swipe of my new favourite lipstick: Entourage by Lipstick Queen.  It’s part of the new Velvet Rope collection and it is to die for.  Not only is it very heavily pigmented and a gorgeously vampy shade, it is practically indestructible.  I think this is the longest-lasting, non-drying lipstick I’ve ever tried.  It’s gorgeous.

I was very pleased to pop on this sassy ensemble to celebrate my Grandma’s birthday.  I felt quite cute and a bit tough as well with my leopard print accents and my shaved head.  I love the duality of elements in this outfit, as I think it’s such fun to mix sweetness with sexiness and have a bit of both at once.  Don’t you agree?

Four things…

My darling mate Nina from Le Fancy Geek tagged me in her Four Things post, and I just couldn’t wait to join in.  It’s been a long time since I’ve done a tag post, and this one seemed like it would be a lot of fun.

I’m not going to tag anyone in this post, but if you want to do your own Four Things post, please leave a link in the comments, I’d love to read your answers to the questions.

Four places I’ve lived.

My parents house.  Until I was nineteen I lived with my parents in a brick house in Benalla.  It was a really great home and my parents still live there now.

College in Melbourne.  I lived in a dorm with eleven other people for three years.  It was crowded, noisy and smelly and I loved it (most of the time).  I did crazy things like riding a mechanical bull and taking off all my clothes to add them to a chain of my dorm-mates clothes to see how far we could make it reach.  It was amazing.

A share house in Heidelberg.  The house I lived in was dingy and literally falling to pieces.  No joke.  We once awoke at five in the morning when a chunk of our loungeroom ceiling collapsed.  It was in a terrible area and a year into my time there a man was murdered on the corner of my street.  But despite all that I loved living there.

A flat on my own.  I currently live by myself in a flat in my hometown.  It’s actually pretty great.  I have lots of space and a lovely garden out the back and a beautiful corner window in my bedroom.

Four jobs I’ve had.

Sales assistant at Target.  I worked at Target all through high school and then again after college ended.  Although it was pretty trying at times it was actually a pretty good job.  I worked with some awesome people and I particularly loved working in the lead-up to Christmas.

Waitress at a pub.  This was probably the worst job I ever had.  At the time I was working two jobs to save for university and I was utterly exhausted.  I would work until ten most nights and come home smelling of beer spills and chip grease.  I got burned with hot plates and grabbed by creepy customers.  The night I quit was one of the happiest of my life.

–  Avon Lady. I briefly sold Avon cosmetics in the year between high school and university.  It was a lot of fun, but I had to put in a huge amount of work for very little payoff.  The best part was visiting old ladies and doing their nails while chatting over tea. In fact, I kept doing that after I quit.

Receptionist for a legal centre.  I’ve had a few reception jobs, but the best one was when I worked at a legal centre in Melbourne.  The centre provided free legal advice for people who couldn’t afford to pay for legal council.  It was a very difficult job and I saw a lot of very upsetting things.  But I loved working there because I felt like I was doing something that really mattered.

Four things I don’t eat.

Tomato sauce.  I can’t stand it, which sucks because in Australia people seem to put it on everything, and I always feel like a total weirdo that I’m the only one eating a pie not slathered in disgusting goopy redness.

Pavlova.  Yet another traditional Aussie dish that turns my stomach.  Every woman in my family hates pav, from my Nana to my Mum.  None of us can stomach it, and I wonder if our aversion is genetic.

Oysters.  Although I love seafood, I’ve never enjoyed oysters.  I’ve tried them a few times but I just can’t stand the texture of them.

Chai.  Although I adore the scent of chai, the taste triggers my gag reflex like nothing else.


Four of my favourite foods.

Pizza.  Pizza is my go-to food for any occasion.  If I want to celebrate or treat myself, I’ll order a pizza.  Long day at work and can’t be arsed cooking?  Order a pizza!  My turn to pick the takeout?  You know it’s gonna be pizza!  I can’t get enough of it.  And a cold slice of leftover pizza for breakfast is my idea of heaven.

Jelly beans.  Specifically, the special glucose jelly beans that you buy at the chemist.  I love those chubby little bastards.

Hokey Pokey ice cream.  Caramel ice-cream with shards of butterscotch swirled through it, amazing.

Earl Grey tea.  I’m a big-time tea drinker, and Earl Grey is my favourite.  It’s sweet and comforting with a beautiful aroma.

Four films I’ve watched more than once.

– The Wizard of Oz

– Beetlejuice

– Heavyweights

– Ghost World

Four TV shows I watch.

– Bojack Horseman

-Orange is the New Black

– Game of Thrones

-Parks and Recreation

Four things I’m looking forward to this year.

Christmas!  I seriously love Christmas.  I’m always looking forward to Christmas, no matter how far away it is.

My girlfriend’s birthday.  I get mega excited for birthdays, and this will be the first time since we started dating that I’ll be able to celebrate my girlfriend’s birthday with her.  I want it to be very special for her, because she’s an incredible person.

Getting an article published in one of my favourite magazines.  It’s happening in September, and I couldn’t be more pumped.

Spring.  I’m so over Winter, and I can’t wait for the weather to begin to warm up again.


Four things I can’t live without.

Pets.  I am so much happier when I have a pet. At the moment Miss Jelly and Mr Ringo are my constant companions and they bring so much joy into my world.

Lip balm.  I hate having dry lips, and I feel so much more comfortable when my lips are slathered with balm.  My favourite brand is Lip Smackers and I usually have a few of these on the go.

– An internet connection.  So much of my life is online.  I connect with my friends over the internet, I keep up with my writing online and I don’t know what I’d do without Netflix.

– Pretty lingerie.  Boring undies are for boring people, and I like having a wardrobe of gorgeous underthings to slip on under my clothes.

Four celebrity crushes.

-Kit Harrington

– Dawn French

– Chris Pratt

– John Goodman

Four pet peeves.

– When people say “pacifically” when they mean to say “specifically”.

– When people walk in large groups in a line across the footpath so you can’t get past.

– People who are rude to waitstaff or shop assistants.

– Minions.  I just don’t get why they’re so popular.  It infuriates me that minion-based memes keep popping up on my Facebook feed.

Four things I wish I could do.

Sing.  I’m not a bad singer, but I’m not really a good singer either.  I wish I had the ability to really belt out a tune.

Play a musical instrument.  I’ve tried learning a number of instruments, including piano and guitar.  I just don’t have an ear for music.

Draw.  My drawing skills are woeful and I sometimes wish that I were able to express myself on paper with images.  But I suppose that I’m good at expressing myself with words, which is nothing to be sniffed at.

Be more assertive.  As a very introverted and anxious woman, I find it so hard to stand up for myself and speak up to get what I need.  I tend to let myself get passed over and I don’t like that.  I’m working to be more assertive, but I’ve got a long way to go.

Four subjects I studied at school.

Drama.  I loved drama in high school and I was particularly good at comedy.  I used to have a blast recreating classic sketches from Rowan Atkinson and French and Saunders to crack up my classmates.

– Literature. I’m a reader at heart and my awesome literature teacher taught me how to really delve into a book and appreciate it on a deeper level.  She introduced me to Oscar Wilde, Harper Lee and Charles Dickens and also showed me the creepiest book I’ve ever read: The Collector by John Fowles.

Neuroscience. I have a degree in psychology and I spent a good part of my time at uni studying pictures of brains and dissecting actual brains.  It was fascinating and something that I’m still very interested in.

– Human rights law.  For a long time I dreamed about working in a community legal centre and helping disadvantaged people find justice.  Sadly, I nearly had a nervous breakdown pursing that dream and decided it wasn’t feasible for me to do that kind of work for the rest of my life.  I hope that I’ll be able to go back to it one day, in some form.

Four things near me right now.

– My knitting

-An empty water bottle (I drained it while I was writing this post)

– The remote control for the television

-Darkness be my Friend by John Marsden.


Don’t forget to leave me a link if you do your own version of the Four Things tag. I’d love to read your answers.

5 Fandom Friday: Fictional vehicles I’d like to travel in.

This week’s prompt asks us geeks to make a list of five fictional vehicles we’d love to travel in.  I can think of quite a few fictitious vehicles I’d love to take for a spin, but here is my top 5…



Oh, the places you could go if you had all of time and space at your disposal!  I think my first stop would have to be Tudor England, followed by a swift journey to San Francisco in the 1960’s.  And then perhaps a quick peek at an alien planet, just for funsies.


2. The Mirthmobile

It’s been my dream since high school to own a bright blue mini with flames painted down the sides, just like Garth’s car in Wayne’s World.  But it would be even better to ride in the Mirthmobile with Wayne and Garth, singing along to Bohemian Rhapsody and munching on doughnuts from Mikita’s.


3. The Delorean.

It’s no accident that there are two time machines on my list.  I’m a total history nerd and I would jump at the opportunity to visit some of my favourite old timey places.  I’d love to gun this baby to 88mph and shoot back to the 1950’s for a good ol’ fashion sock hop.


4. A Hoverbike

Ever since my original viewing of Star Wars, I’ve longed to be able to ride on a hoverbike.  I love the feeling of riding a motorcycle, and I imagine that a hoverbike would be like that, only better.  I’d be thrilled to take one of those babies for a zoom through the forest, feeling a rush of air through my hair as I zipped past the scenery at a blinding speed.  Awesome.


5. Tank Girl’s Tank

As a person whose physical appearance is less than intimidating, I’ve often thought it would be pretty cool to ride around in a vehicle that was massive and scary.  And what could be better for that than a souped-up stolen tank?  I’d have a ball thrashing that bad boy around the outback and shooting beer cans at any wanker that tried to tell me to slow down.


Which fictional vehicles are on your would-travel-in list?  I’d love to hear which ones you’d love to take for a spin if given the opportunity.

Things I Love Thursday 16/7/2015

Brrr!  This week has apparently been one of the coldest on record for Benalla, and I’ve been hibernating indoors with a few good books and my laptop.  But there are still plenty of things to smile about.

This week I love:

– Absolutely Fabulous.  I started watching this gem of a show earlier in the week and I’m totally addicted.  I do notice that “darling” and “sweetie” tend to creep into my vocabulary after I’ve binged on a few episodes of Ab Fab.

-My new Adventure Time yoga pants.  I picked them up for a song at Jay Jays and they are super comfortable and surprisingly warm.  Plus they have the added bonus of allowing me to play “Find BMO” whenever I’m in a forward fold.

– Man buns.  I never saw the appeal until my boyfriend sent me a picture of himself all done up in a shirt, tie, vest and a man bun.  Hot damn, that boy can dress!

– My new haircut.

– Earning a decent wage so that I don’t have to freak out about the bill every time I turn the heater on.  I am so grateful that I don’t have to worry about every penny I spend on utilities so I can get through winter without having to choose between food and heater.

–  Waking up covered in cats.

– Successful op shopping trips.

– The scent of Tiger Balm.

– Catching glimpses of people rocking out to the radio in their cars.

– Thunderstorms.

– My brother’s girlfriend, who sent home a stack of comic books for me to borrow.  We have very similar tastes, it would seem.

-Drinking more water.  I always struggle to drink enough water in the colder months.  Last week I had a nagging headache for several days and it occurred to me that I hadn’t had a glass of water in about five days.  After that I’ve made a bigger effort to get more H2O into my system and I feel much better for it.

What do you love this week?

A new ‘do

I am a firm believer in regularly doing things that scare you.  Not stupid or dangerous things, just small-to-moderate sized risks that put you out of your comfort zone.  I took a leap like this when I cut off my long hair a couple of years ago.  Since then I haven’t done much with my hair other than tidying up the ends and throwing a few layers in there.  But for the last few months I began to get the itch to make another salon appointment.  It was time for a change.

For about six months I’ve been obsessed with sidecuts.  I think they look amazing, particularly on women with longer hair.  I quite liked the idea of having a haircut that could be punk-princess gorgeous or office appropriate depending on where I parted my hair.  I wrestled with the idea for ages.  Then finally I gave myself a little shake and said, “If not now, then when will I do this?  I’m young and cute, with nothing to lose and hair grows back”.  Then I picked up the phone and made an appointment with my favourite hairdresser.  And a couple of days later I was sporting this bad-ass hairdo.

To say I love this haircut is a massive understatement.  Unlike when I cut my hair short, I haven’t had a single “Why the Hell did I do that?” freakout.  I am so pleased with the way this looks, and I’m enjoying showing off my new do.

Actually getting the cut was a great experience.  I had been nervous the whole day leading up to my salon appointment, but as soon as I sat down in the chair I knew this was what I wanted to do.  It was a little unnerving when the clippers started buzzing around my left ear though.  As someone who has only ever had long hair, it was a completely new experience.  My hairdresser was totally amazing, and followed my wishes to the letter, taking my hair shorter by degrees until we had the perfect length.

One of the best bits about this cut is that it’s so easy to hide.  For work I just part my hair on the opposite side and slick it into a low ponytail.  Or I can part it right down the middle and wear it down.  So far not a single person in the office has even noticed my shaved side!  And then when I want to show it off, I just whip my hair up or create a deep side part and spray it into place.  It’s like a two-for-one haircut!

As an added bonus, I now have a soft little shaved patch that feels delicious.  I’ve been told it feels like a peach, a duckling and a butt (that one was from my Mum).

So I’m very pleased indeed that I took the plunge and cut my hair again.  I feel so foxy with my new do!

Have you done anything lately that scared you?  Have you got any little risks planned?