Things I Love Thursday 24/7/2014

After a slow start, winter has well and truly arrived in Benalla.  This past week has been flippin’ freezing!  Normally I don’t deal well with cold weather, but this year I feel as though I’m doing a pretty good job of keeping my chin up and powering on.


This week, I love:

- My grandmother.  She and I haven’t always had the closest relationship, but over the past year I’ve had a lot of opportunities to get to know her better.  I’ve grown to respect and appreciate her a lot more and I feel as though we have a much stronger bond.  I feel so grateful for the support she’s given me since I split from my ex last year and I’m so pleased to have her in my life.  It’s her birthday today, and I want to make an extra effort to tell her how much she means to me.


- Going to a Fawlty Towers dinner show with my gentleman friend and having an absolute blast.


- Two people and two cats in the one bed when it’s icy out.


-Finishing this knitted scarf for my Mum.  She took it on holidays with her to Philip Island last week and wore it every day.


- Taking my lunch to the lake and sitting in the sunshine to eat.  Yesterday I had lunch with three very friendly ducks.  They came right over to me and settled down to take a nap while I ate.  I shared my apple with them and they enjoyed the crunchiness.  It was a lovely way to unwind.


- My new workmate.  A new woman has started working at my office and I think she’s awesome.  We work really well together and I’m having a great time training her.  Plus she has the most gorgeous Irish accent.


- Knitting socks.  I’ve always felt intimidated by the idea of knitting my own socks, but on the weekend I decided to give it a try.  I knitted one sock successfully with no mistakes.  It’s so cozy and warm, and I can’t wait until the other one is done so I can wear them with my favourite boots.  I’ll be adding knitted socks to my etsy store in no time!

(Oh, for all you aspiring knitters out there, I used this knitting tutorial to learn how to make socks.  It’s incredibly detailed and I found it easy to follow.  I’d definitely recommend this tutorial if you want to learn how to knit your own cozy socks)


- Sunday driving.


- Awesome things happening to my friends.  People are having babies, getting married, moving house and getting promoted all around me.  It’s brilliant.


- Looking back over old outfit photos.


- Having the hairdresser who works next door to my office tell me that she looks forward to my daily mail run so that she can see what I’m wearing.  Bless!


What do you love this week, sweetheart?  Sing it loud and proud!

Should you wear white to a wedding?

I got an email from a reader asking me to weigh in on one of fashion’s biggest debates: is it O.K to wear white to a wedding?

To begin, I should point out that I’m not the kind of lass to adhere to fashion rules.  For the most part, I find  fashion guidelines a bit too hoity-toity for my liking.  Most of them seem to have sprung into being around the same time that our society decided that ‘thinner is better’ and are centered around making you look as small as possible.  Which is kind of pointless if you aren’t small.   I mean, there’s nothing wrong with being bigger, or smaller in some areas and bigger in others.  All bodies are different so what’s the point of trying to camouflage ourselves into looking like carbon copies of one another?  I prefer the motto of: wear what makes you happy.


That being said, I’m kind of old fashioned about the whole “wearing white to a wedding” issue.

I wouldn’t wear white to a wedding.  I simply don’t think it’s appropriate.  If anyone’s going to wear white, it will be the bride.  The bride’s wedding day is HER DAY and for that day, white is HER COLOUR.  If she chooses to wear white, then I think she should be the only one.  In a weird way, I think it’s kind of rude to wear white to a wedding if you aren’t the bride.  It’s like stepping outside the boundaries of ‘guest’ and beginning to encroach on the bride’s sartorial territory.

The only time I would consider wearing white to a wedding is if I knew for sure that the bride wouldn’t be wearing white.  If the wedding is more informal and you knew that the bride wasn’t planning on wearing a white dress, then I think it would be O.K to relax the rules and wear white if you choose.

So what would I wear to a wedding if not a white dress?  Well, weddings are very exciting for me because they’re an opportunity to pull out all the stops and get dressed up to the eyeballs.  I have a lovely collection of dresses that are too fancy or special for everyday wear, and a wedding is a great excuse to grab one of these beauties out of the cupboard.

The last time I went to a wedding, I wore this vintage cheongsam.  I added patent leather shoes that were comfortable enough to dance in and funky textured hose.  The time before that, I wore an emerald-green silk dress and a hat with a little veil on it.  I feel that it’s perfectly O.K to get as dressed up as you like for a wedding, as long as you don’t wear white.

What do you think?  Should you wear white to a wedding?

Things I Love Thursday 17/7/2014

This week did not start out well.  I’m in the process of coming off my brain meds and so far I’ve done pretty well.  However, this week my anxiety and depression started creeping back in and I just felt overwhelmed and deeply blue.  I’ve been really busy at work and the stress of it caught up with me and I just broke a little bit.


But now I’m feeling so much better.  I stepped back and took stock of what I could do to introduce a bit more stability in my life to safe-guard me against stress and anxiety.  And I started working some of those strategies into my life. And so far, so good.

This week, I love:

- Asking myself: “Is this thing that’s bothering me really worth this much energy?  Am I allowing myself to be consumed with worries that aren’t based in fact? ” and really dismantling those thoughts that are preoccupying me.

- Yoga.  When I’m down, just 20 minutes on my mat works wonders.

- This video.  I can relate.


- Celebrating the birth of my friend Corrine’s baby girl, Charlotte.  I’m so excited for them both.


- Speaking up against sexual harassment and remaining calm while doing so.


- Watching Ringo get all blissed out over snuggles with my gentleman friend.  The two of them are best buddies.


- Getting a visit from my friend Christina and her husband Charles.  They are such a sweet couple and it was brilliant to have a quick catch-up with them.


- Finally finishing Breaking Bad.


- Attempting a difficult recipe and being really pleased with the results.


- Having one of my new work clients bring me a gorgeous tiger lily from her garden to keep on my desk.


- The new Indian restaurant that’s just opened up around the corner from my house.


- Looking forward to a Fawlty Towers dinner show.


- Re-watching Waynes World and quoting huge chunks of dialogue.


- Geeking out over grammar.


- Sunday-morning snuggles in bed.


What do you love this week?  If it’s been a hard week for you, what’s been keeping you going?

Daily outfit 16/7/2014

During the week I was pawing through a case of jewelry and I found a bunch of items that I’ve not worn in ages.  So I set them aside and I’ve been trying to wear one each day.  I unearthed a cross-body harness chain that I don’t believe I’ve ever worn.  Even though I bought it with the hope of pairing it with breezy summer crop-tops, I decided to take a punt at working it in to a winter ensemble.



It’s tricky to see in these photos, but the harness does up around my neck, crosses my chest and then fastens again around my waist.  It was an impulse buy, but after wearing it once I’m keen to work it into more outfits.



I am wearing:

- Black bodysuit from Remember Me

- Black harem pants from Target

- Floral silk bolero (vintage)

- Body harness from Sportsgirl

- Baby Doll earrings

- Biker boots from Big W.

-Gold rock ring from ASOS


These Baby Doll earrings were a relic from my teen years.  Although I haven’t worn them in ages, I still really like them in all their ghetto-fab glory.



Today I challenge you to take a dig through your wardrobe and find something that you haven’t worn in ages.  Try to work it into your outfit today, even if you have to wear it in a way that’s different to how you originally thought you would.  You just might surprise yourself.

Things I love….um…Friday?

Things I love….um…Friday?

Whoops-a-daisy!  I appear to have missed Thursday altogether.  Never mind.  Let’s just press on and take our weekly dose of gratitude a day late, just in time for the weekend.


This week, I love:

- Being asked by my boss to design and maintain our office website.  I’ve already begun working on it and I’m so pleased with how it’s turning out.  My boss seems very pleased too.  I’m overflowing with ideas that I want to implement when I’m a bit more settled.  It’s so awesome to be asked to do something that you love and recognized when you do good work.


- Finishing season 4 of Game of Thrones.


- Hot chocolate served in a mug with no handles, so you have to cup your hands around it, which is cosy as can be.


- This awesome tee shirt that my gentleman friend got me as a gift.  This design is called “Who’s This?”


- Downtown Abbey, for the drama, the accents and the costumes.


- Snapping up season 3 of Miranda on sale.


- Taking my lunch to work every day like a good girl.  In the first couple of weeks of work I bought lunch every day which was mighty expensive.  I’m trying to reign in my spending to make the most of the extra pennies I’m earning.


- Babies!  Four people I know are due to have little ones in the next six weeks, and the first arrived on Tuesday.  I’m so excited to start meeting all these little critters.



- My new fridge magnet.


- Men who do little things to take care of you, not because they don’t think you are incapable of doing it yourself, but because they want to do something nice.


- Talking about feminism with my workmate


- Wine


- Chipping away at my housework.


- Doing a decent job of not sweating the small stuff.


What about you?  What do you love this Friday?

Daily outfit 9/7/2014

I got a bunch of gorgeous new threads for my birthday and I haven’t had a chance to show them off just yet.  One of my favourite pieces was this fantastic leopard-fur (faux, of course!) cardigan.  My parents picked this up from a funky vintage store in Phillip Island on one of their adventures, and I’ve been wearing it quite a bit.

I wore this outfit to head out for an Indian feast with my work-buddy, Madison.

I am wearing:

- Black bodysuit from Remember Me

- Black pencil skirt from Veronika Maine

- Black cardigan with leopard-fur trim (vintage)

- Black and white comic book heels from Betts

-Snake bangle from Tilka

- Gold hoop earrings (thrifted)

I’m a sucker for gorgeous details on clothing.  Interesting stitching, clever pockets and fun patterns are all wonderful little extras that make a piece all the more special.  This cardigan has the most adorable leopard-print buttons which take it to the next level of fabulousness.

This was the perfect outfit for a girly night out.  Between us, Madison and I polished off a bottle of wine, a plate of naan, some chicken tikka and a hearty portion of beef korma.  We gabbed about boys and work and had a jolly old time.

I often struggle to find something to wear out at night during winter, but this awesome cardigan is just the ticket.  It’s cozy and a little bit sexy, plus it will look so fab with all my vintage gear.  What an awesome birthday gift!

Oz Comic Con 2014

It’s been more than a year since my last convention.  I hope you can forgive me…

On Sunday I got all kitted up in my Velma Dinkley cosplay (last seen at Supanova in 2011)  and headed on down to the Royal Exhibition Centre in Melbourne for some geeky fun.

Firstly, can I just say that the Royal Exhibition Centre was an awesome venue for Comic Con.  The last Comic Con I attended was in 2012 at the Convention centre and it was horrible.  There were just too many people crammed into too small a space and it was dismal.  The Royal Exhibition centre is much bigger and much more suited to a convention of this size.

I went with Luke, the gentleman that I’ve been spending pretty much all my free time with lately.  He put together a truly stunning Harley Quinn cosplay, complete with massive mallet (in case you’re wondering, it’s made of yoga mats and duct tape!)

We had a brilliant time wandering about.  As you will already know if you’re a regular reader, my favourite part of any con is the cosplayers.  So naturally I have a bajillion cosplay pictures to share with you.  Here we go!

We made it our mission to find as many Batman characters as possible so that Luke could pose with them.  There were so many awesome Batman-themed cosplayers, and the first one we found was this awesome retro Catwoman.

I couldn’t resist striking a pose in front of the TARDIS.

I was so impressed by this gorgeous Pixie cosplay.  Her wingspan was massive and she was just the cutest!

How creepy and awe-inspiring is this fantastic Pyramid Head cosplay?  I don’t know how she managed to hold that head upright for the entire day, but she looked fantastic.

Spongebob!  Sometimes the simplest costumes are the most effective.

I couldn’t help but swoon a little over this Prince Oberyn impersonator.  Who wouldn’t want their very own Dornish Prince to go to battle for them?

I’ve seen a lot of Iron Man costumes in my time, but this one was by far the most epic.  His hands, chest and eyes all lit up!

Mystique is my favourite X-Men character (Duh!  She’s able to shape-shift into any form she wants!)  And this Mystique was so gorgeous.  She was so tall too, and even towered over Luke!

Wolverine!  This guy had serious attitude, and I adored his special effects makeup.

True to form, Silent Bob didn’t speak a word the entire time we were posing for pictures.  I should have asked him if he needed a chuckle-head sidekick

Huzzah for giant minions!

Moments after this picture was taken, Shredder was swept away by a cosplay conga-line.  True story!

I found another Velma!

This group was easily the best thing I saw all day.  Not only were their costumes fantastically detailed but they were super-sweet.  Just look at that Olaf costume!  Later in the day I saw this group chatting to a couple of little girls who looked like their dreams had just come true.

I knew there’d be a lot of Freddy Krueger cosplayers because Robert Eglund was one of the special guests at Comic Con this year.  But this one was the creepiest.  Check out her teeth!

These two were Officially The Cutest Thing I Saw at Comic Con.  I love Disney Princess costumes, but gender-bend Disney Princes?  Even better!

I’m trying to save my money so I didn’t do quite as much shopping at Comic Con this time around. Luke did buy me this adorable Olaf doll.  He likes warm hugs! (And there’s no danger of accidentally melting him!)

I couldn’t resist this incredible Dr Who print from Stewart McKenny.  Stewart has a whole series of amazing pin-up prints, but I was so drawn to the lifelike detail in this tribute to the 10th Doctor.

Stew has captured Number 10′s impish personality so perfectly!

I had a wonderful time at Comic Con.  I’m feeling really keen to visit more cons this year and to try out some cosplay ideas that I’ve had kicking around for a while.  I’m so excited to get back into the con scene, because it’s something I really love.

Did you make it to Comic Con this year?  How did you find it?