Five Fandom Friday: My must-see Christmas movies.

I love a good Christmas movie, don’t you?  There’s nothing quite like curling up with a glass of eggnog and a gingerbread cookie to watch one of your Christmas favourites.  Today as part of 5 Fandom Friday with The Nerdy Girlie, I’m sharing the 5 films I watch every Christmas without fail.

1. A Muppet Christmas Carol

This is, without a doubt my favourite Christmas film.  It’s a heartwarming take on a classic tale with a killer soundtrack.  Oh, and The Muppets are in it, so you basically can’t go wrong.  I tear up every time I hear Kermit as Bob Cratchit give his speech about the death of Tiny Tim.  It’s ridiculous how much I’m moved by a talking frog puppet.


2. The Hogfather

The Hogfather is a 2-part tele-movie that is based on the book by Terry Pratchett.  When The Hogfather (the Discworld equivalent to Santa Clause) goes missing, Death must step in to take his place.  All the while, Death’s granddaughter, Susan, is trying to figure out who is behind the Hogfather’s disappearance.  This film is clever, funny and perfect for those who don’t usually get into traditional Christmas stories.

3. Blackadder’s A Christmas Carol

This hilarious one-hour episode puts a spin on the traditional Christmas tale.  Ebeneezer Blackadder (played by the awesome Rowan Atkinson) is the nicest man in London.  But on Christmas night he is visited by the Spirit of Christmas, who gives him a glimpse of his ancestors and of Christmases to come, and gives him the idea that it just might be more profitable to act like a prick.

4. Love Actually

Love is all around at Christmas.  Sometimes it’s amazing, and sometimes it hurts like hell.  The reason I adore this film (aside from the amazing cast and the many hilarious jokes) is that it celebrates all kinds of love: true love, lust, unrequited love, companionship. Not all the stories end happily, which is the way it is in real life.  But it’s an awesome film all the same.

5. Miracle on 34th Street.

I’ve always held tight to the fantasy of Santa Clause.  Miracle on 34th Street is all about the importance of belief and the joy that we can take from celebrating those things that aren’t entirely logical.  The legal eagle in me also loves seeing a court case that debates the existence of Santa Clause.  There are two versions of this film, but I personally prefer the modern adaptation starring Mara Wilson.

What are your must-watch Christmas films?  Please feel encouraged to leave your own list in the comments.

Things I Love Thursday 18/12/2014

Welcome to another Things I Love Thursday post.  Every week I take time to write about the things I’ve been grateful for and those awesome happenings which have put a smile onto my face.

This week I love:

- Catching up with friends.  I went to visit Natalie and we ate pancakes and shopped.  It was so much fun and I’m so excited that this gorgeous lass now lives so close to me.

- Staying up until 3am chatting with cute boys.  I haven’t done that since…well, ever actually.

- Fleetwood Mac.  I’ve been watching American Horror Story 3: Coven and it’s been influencing my listening habits dramatically.  I’ve been spinning a lot of Stevie this week.

-Finding some great beauty coupons and deals online.  You all know how much I love living frugally and spending less on luxuries, right?  Well I found this awesome site called Cuponation that has loads of coupons and offers available.  There are coupons for everything from fashion and beauty to movie tickets and holidays.  The offers from Cuponation are a great way to get more bang for your buck.  It’s a must-visit for any frugal fashionistas.

-Rocking strong eyeliner and red lips for dinner with my parents.

- Counting down to Christmas.  There’s only one week to go!

- Finding a gorgeous rose pink vintage slip at the op shop for just $2.  It’s going to be perfect for sleeping in once the really hot weather hits.

- Glittery gold nails for the festive season.

- Gingerbread frappacinos from Starbucks.  I ordered one, and as I was about to take a sip thought to myself, “This could either be really delicious or truly disgusting”.  And it was amazing.  I only regret that there’s no Starbucks in Benalla so I can’t get another one.

- Taking crazy leaps of faith.  Sometimes you just need to take a risk.

- Sending Christmas cards.

- Introducing friends to the wonder that is Elf.

- Bing Crosby.

What do you love this week, sweetie-pie?  Leave your own Things I Love Thursday list in the comments.

Daily outfit 16/12/2014: Who’s This?

I’ve been thinking about putting together some Christmas themed outfits this year, but I haven’t felt very inspired.  I struggled to come up with a single outfit idea, even after sifting through several combinations of red and green clothing.  That is, until I watched The Nightmare Before Christmas last week.  I loved the idea of creating a Burton-esque outfit in honour of the holidays, and a snap of cold weather was the perfect opportunity to put my idea into practice.

I am wearing:

- Key earrings from Etsy.

- “Who’s This?”  Tee shirt (gift)

- Green leopard print trousers from Target

- Black motorcycle boots from Big W

- Christmas beetle ring (gift)

- Skull spike bracelet from ASOS

- Jack Skellington bracelet (made by Violet)

I accessorised with this cute Jack Skellington bracelet that Violet made for me years ago.  I felt that the outfit needed some more studs, so I added this skull bracelet as well.

The tee shirt I’m wearing was a gift from a friend, and it’s got the most perfect print.  I adore it when two of my fandoms collide!  The design on this tee shirt is called “Who’s this?”.

My makeup was bold, with green eyes inspired by Oogie Boogie.  If you like this look, just wait until next week when I post a tutorial to help you recreate it at home.

To me, The Nightmare Before Christmas is the perfect Christmas film.  Not only is it full of cute characters and awesome songs, but it has a lot of heart to it.  The relationship between Jack and Sally is so sweet.  I also adore the way that the main character, Jack Skellington, struggles to define the indescribable spirit of the Christmas season and is always at a loss to put it into words.  I find it so difficult to adequately describe the magic of Christmas, and I can really relate to that feeling of being lost for words to define something so amazing and touching.

Of course, it also helps that the film is a bit quirky and unconventional.  I like things that are a little bit left-of-centre, like this unusual take on a Christmas outfit.

Do you wear Christmas themed outfits?  How do you work the holiday spirit into your wardrobe?

My Christmas playlist.

This is the first time in four years that I haven’t worked in retail during the Christmas season.  There are a few advantages to this.  Firstly, I don’t have to put up with crabby customers who have left their shopping to the last minute and demand to know why we’ve sold out of this year’s big-ticket item.  I don’t have to wear an itchy Christmas uniform.  And I’m not being forced to listen to Christmas music from the first week in November until January.


Now that I don’t have to listen to Christmas pop music on repeat, I’m actually pretty excited about cranking up the holiday tunes in my own home.  There’s something about festive music that just makes me want to rock around the Christmas tree.  So today I thought I’d share my own Christmas playlist with you for your listening pleasure.



This playlist is perfect for throwing on while you’re decorating the tree, as background music while you make Christmas cookies or as the soundtrack to your casual Christmas party.  I feel that this mix is a good representation of my musical tastes.  There’s a blend of pop classics, vintage Christmas tunes, comedy parodies and carols.  I hope you enjoy listening to it.

What’s on your Christmas playlist?  Are there any songs that I should add to mine?

5 Fandom Friday: Presents I want Santa to bring me.

This week marks my debut into the 5 Fandom Friday tag.  I’ll be joining The Nerdy Girlie and a host of other geeky bloggers each Friday as we post our geeky top 5 lists.



This week’s list is Presents I want Santa to bring me.


Now, I’ve already done a Christmas wish list on the blog.  That list was made up of real-life items that I would love to unwrap on Christmas morning.  But as Santa is a magical being, I started thinking about the fantastical, far-out items I would ask for if I could make my ultimate Christmas list.  If I were to ask Santa for just 5 awesome gifts, knowing that he had the magical powers to make my Christmas dreams come true, these are the things I would ask for.


1. A time-turner

Oh, how handy it would be to be able to turn back time.  Not in a dramatic way of course, just to be able to jump back a few hours to get more out of each day.  I would love a Hogwarts time-turner so that I could attend multiple events at once, or clean my house, go to work, manage my blog and still have time to spend the whole afternoon reading.




2. A trip in the TARDIS


Nothing would excite me more than having The Doctor park his TARDIS on my doorstep and offer to whisk me off to anywhere in time or space that I could ask for.  If I got to choose where we would travel to, I’d like to visit Tudor England or London in the Swingin’ 60’s.  Imagine the clothes I could bring back!


3. A pet Ewok

The Ewoks are cute, cuddly and clever.  I think I would love to have one as a pet.  It could build a tree-house in my backyard and we could hang out together.  It might freak out my cats though.


4. The Beast’s library

When I was a little girl, I wished to be Belle from Beauty and the Beast.  Not because I wanted to be kidnapped by an enchanted prince, or have talking silverware. It was because of THAT library.  I would be ecstatic to have access to that amazing room, filled with books and squashy armchairs and a fire to read by.  I could amuse myself for years in a library like that.


5. Leslie Knope’s phone number

I’m fairly confident that Leslie and I would get along really well.  We are both ambitious feminists with a penchant for breakfast foods and a love of Harry Potter.  If I had her digits, I could ring her up and arrange for us to have a crafternoon, complete with waffles and a Lady Gaga sing-along.


Now it’s over to you!  What presents would you like Santa to bring to you?

Things I Love Thursday 11/12/2014

Wheeeee!  We’re nearly halfway to Christmas and I am stoked.  I’ve had an amazing week and I have so much to be thankful for, so let’s jump right into Things I love Thursday.

This week I love:

- Getting a new job!  I applied for an amazing job about a month ago, and had to go through a rigorous interview process.  But last week I got the call to say that I’m the successful applicant.  I am so chuffed!  I don’t start until January, so that means I have all of December off to relax and enjoy Christmas.

-More awkward cat photos!  It’s been really hot lately, and Miss Jelly has taken to lolling about on her cat apartment.  It’s too humid to be ladylike, apparently.

She’s also taken to sleeping with her toes splayed out to the side.  I think it must feel cool on her tootsies.

She is pretty happy to have her picture taken, even if she isn’t in the most flattering pose.

- Having an air conditioner.  Last summer I sweltered through without one, and my landlord kindly installed one in February.  I am so grateful to have it because last summer was just unbearable.

- Coffee in funky mugs.

- Playing Cards Against Humanity with my favourite group of boys.

- Friends who try to marry me off to their siblings so we can be sisters.

- Being told that I’m “Sooooo like Leslie Knope”.  I’m taking that compliment and running with it.

-Finishing these rad Gryffindor Harry Potter socks for my etsy store.  These are a made-to-order item but I can whip them up pretty quickly.  And if you’re not a Harry Potter fan, then I can make them in any colour of your choosing.  They’re just $20.

- Cadbury’s Marvellous Creations chocolate bars.  They’re like a party in my mouth.

-This tiny man.  Seriously, he has mellowed out a lot in the last year and has become a lot more snuggly.  To me anyway.  If a stranger comes over, he will bolt behind the couch.

- Geeky Christmas tree ornaments.  I am trying to resist buying too many ornaments this year, but I found some doozies on Modcloth.  Like this Beatles “For the Record” ornament.  Or this Tardis.  I want, I want!

-Visiting my Dad’s favourite cafe, where they give you a free coffee if you wear a bowtie on Thursdays.  It was awesome.

- Having a snap of cool weather, so I could sleep under the blankets again.

- Talcum powder.

- Getting up the courage to submit an article to a magazine.  I haven’t heard anything yet, but fingers crossed.

- Writing out Christmas cards for all my favourite people.

- Dancing wildly and screaming along to The Pogues.

What do you love this week?  Jump on in and leave a comment.

Daily outfit 10/12/2014

There’s no doubt about it, Summer has definitely arrived.  It’s been sticky and humid here, with a few thunderstorms thrown in.  The weather has been downright tropical, and I’ve been doing my best to keep cool.

My wardrobe choices lately have consisted of shorts and floaty blouses.  The lighter the fabric, the happier I am.  Today I’m rocking a new blouse that I got a few days ago.

I am wearing:

- Silver butterfly earrings (gift from a friend)

- Star blouse from My Pair of Wings

- Denim shorts from Target

- Tan sandals from Rubi Shoes.

Can I just take a moment to talk about this blouse?  I have a bit of an obsession with star-prints.  I’ve wanted a sheer blouse with a star pattern on it for ages.  I found this one in My Pair of Wings on etsy and ordered it without hesitation.  It arrived only a week later and I am so impressed.  The fabric is so soft and the blouse is hand-made.  I am really happy with the quality of this item and the price was phenomenal.  I am trying to move away from buying mass-produced items and doing my best to spend my clothes budget on small businesses instead.  Often, that means paying a bit more but I’m happy to do it.  However, this blouse cost about the same amount as one that I would buy from a department store, and it is so much nicer.  I’m very pleased with it.

My hair has gone nuts in this humidity.  I’ve been wearing it pinned up most days, but on this occasion I tried leaving it down.  Within a few hours it was a frizzy mess, and I had to try and wrestle it into a bun.  I love summer but my hair doesn’t.  Oh well, at least it’s somewhat better than when I used to have mega-long hair.

I’ve also been opting for sandals rather than closed-in shoes because of the heat.  My feet tend to blister very easily, and I have to be very careful to select summer shoes that won’t rub me raw.  These sandals were a bargain from Rubi shoes and they are super comfortable.  The straps are really soft and I’ve never had any blisters from wearing them, which is a definite plus.

What do you wear when the weather warms up?